Mobile Marketing: The world is going mobile. Need evidence? Next time you’re out and about take a look around and take notice of how many people are using smartphones, laptops, tablets, GPS units and a multitude of other devices that keep them connected while they’re away from the home. Smartphones and tablets have the highest adoption rates among new technologies in the history of the United States. Make sure your business is targeting the mobile audience with mobile-optimized websites, text message marketing, and smartphone apps. Mobile is the next frontier and those businesses that include it in their Orange County Internet Marketing plan have a big head start on their competition!

Mobile-based text marketing is the quickest and most effective form of communication if your business is offering promotions or special deals. E-mail marketing for these types of events is old fashioned and less effective than ever with more and more spam finding their way into your customer’s inboxes. Because fewer companies are actually utilizing the power of text marketing, it becomes infinitely more effective to have your promotions sent straight to your customer’s pockets via text message on their mobile phone. By sending a single text blast to your contact list, you will get higher open and response rates than any other alternative.

We are experts at getting customers through your front doors. When your customers opt-in (subscribe) to receive your special promotions via text messaging, those promotions can be forwarded to their friends as well, resulting in new business for you!

You Are In Charge!

There are so many different ways you can promote your products or services; it is ultimately up to YOU! Some businesses choose to promote their local sports teams by offering special deals or freebies when the team wins a game, branding them as a community-centered business. Other businesses might use the text blasts to turn around a slow-traffic day and bring customers through the doors. There is really no limit to this communication medium and, if used correctly, can result in booming business and increased revenues for your company!

We are here to help you get started and set up this game-changing strategy. Text marketing will become less effective (much like e-mail!) once it becomes more mainstream, get there before your competition! Let us share the power with you and use it to grow your business!

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