Local Search Marketing: Local search marketing focuses on Google Maps and Google Plus Local listings (formerly known as Google Places). These search results show up within certain search results that are locally or regionally targeted (ie: “Orange County Restaurants“). These listings are characterized by pins with letters A-G and are associated with a map shown on the right of the search results. For local businesses, this strategy is arguably the most effective and may yield the best results.

Local search marketing is essential for any business that operates with a physical location or provides services within a fixed region. Because potential customers are searching for a general search term and a location (i.e. dry cleaner Irvine), it would be unquestionably valuable for your business to show up within the top search results for your offering and area.

Google Places listings are what integrate with the Google Maps site and smartphone application to provide these business listings to consumers who are actively looking for them. These search results are becoming more and more valuable every day as more of the US population adopts smartphones and uses search engines and reviews to guide their needs.

A Google Places listing would include all things relating to your business on a single page. These include, but are not limited to your businesses: address, phone number, website, pictures, business hours, and reviews. With a few clicks, a searcher would be able to see a map and receive directions to your location.

Population density in Southern California is among the highest in the country. This may not be ideal for driving conditions, but, it does mean more customers! Because of this, local search marketing in Southern California is more effective relative to most other places across the United States. When your business becomes optimized for your area, you are reaching more people and therefore, turning it into higher revenues!

Saddleback SEO will do all the work necessary to find and target the best and most effective search terms for your business. For example, “air conditioning Orange County” may be searched more than “Orange County air conditioning”. It does make a difference and we are here to ensure we provide the optimal strategy to get you results and, ultimately, more business!

Our goal is to use our years of expertise to get your business listing to the top and provide searchers with your information before any of your competitor’s. Think of it as being on the front page of a modern day YellowPages book, but better. The business directory world has moved online, and it’s time for you to be a part of it!

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Local Search Marketing